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The Recovery from Any OCD Subset

ocd recovery Nov 16, 2022

Most people with OCD struggle with ambiguity, but getting comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty, and imperfection are actually part of the process to recovering from OCD. That being said, there are very crucial steps that myself and all of my clients have followed to get to the recovery stage with OCD. That's why I created The Path, a cost-effective membership program to help people recover from OCD, despite the type of OCD that you struggle with, named or not. I've done it and I help people do it every day.


What does The Path look like?

It actually requires very specific steps that I teach you, and I also walk you through all of the tricks that OCD will use to try and sabotage your recovery.

The first step is learning about OCD and knowing when it shows up, every single time. Why is this important? Well, when an OCD thought comes up, the way you react either reinforces the OCD/fear, making it worse, or your reaction diffuses the OCD/fear. So you have to be clear about when it shows up so you can learn to react in a way that diffuses the OCD, which causes the OCD (and anxiety or discomfort) to fade away over time.

The second step is to know WHAT to do with the intrusive thoughts or OCD once you know OCD is showing up. This is another crucial tipping point where any compulsion you do will lead to strengthening of the OCD, hence leading to more intrusive thoughts, sending you down the rabbit hole of more anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and compulsions.

What you need to learn to do is what everyone who doesn't have OCD or anxiety automatically does - they recognize the uncertainty or imperfection, they make a decision (usually accepting the uncertainty and imperfection), and then they move on. This important practice has a name, and it's called exposure and response prevention (ERP). When you learn to get used to the uncertainty and imperfection in life (exposure), without having to do anything, compulsions, about it (response prevention), your brain and body acclimate to the uncertainty and it no longer bothers you. Versus what you're doing now which is teaching you that you can't handle uncertainty and imperfection. You can, I promise! I haven't worked with anyone yet who used the skills and didn't turn their discomfort into comfort. It seems scary to think about, but the process itself is much easier because it reduces your symptoms.

The third step is knowing how OCD tries to sabotage your recovery and working past it's tricks. OCD is just a pattern in your brain, and it's probably been there for a while, so it doesn't want to let go, not very easily at least! But it will fade away when you learn to retrain your brain, not give it (OCD) the attention it wants, and's a thing of the past!

When someone experiences a setback, this is often the time where not having the proper support causes them to go back into old habits (compulsions) and you may say "this doesn't work." The reality is, ERP always works, if you use it consistently. Recovery isn't a process of a few weeks and then it's gone, it's a practice you'll need to use (sometimes more than others) for the rest of your life.'s what everyone else is doing too! Once you get into the practice, it takes mere seconds when the intrusive thought shows up, and it works.


How can you help me?

The Path was designed for those struggling with OCD who want to recover, but are looking for a cost-effective option. Many OCD Specialists charge $200 or more per hour, so I wanted to offer help to those who may not be able to afford 1:1 sessions. The Path membership program includes my course for those struggling with OCD (doubt/anxiety) in their relationships as well as twice weekly coaching sessions LIVE with me for anyone with anxiety or OCD. This is where you'll get to ask your questions on recovery from any OCD subset (harm, pedophilia, relationship, health, sexual orientation, real event, pure-o, perfectionism, and more), as well as learn recovery education and tips from me in each session, for only $30 per week (join or cancel anytime).

I haven't worked with anyone yet who didn't get better. The Path is here for you, whether that's through this membership program, my coaching sessions, or another ERP specialist. It just requires the right knowledge to know when/what to do, as well as the tools you need to use at that time. Practiced over and over (like any new goal), you will recover from OCD and feel amazing, just like I have!

Click here for more information on how to recover from OCD or watch the full video below... 


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