Hello! I'm Danielle...

Successfully Recovered, Certified Coach, Wife, Mother.

I've stopped the struggle from anxiety, OCD, attachment issues & depression in my life & I've had undeniable success at helping others do the same since 2019!

I know what it feels like to struggle with anxiety, OCD, depression, and relationships, only to go in search of a solution and get little to no results.
Only a couple of years ago I was right where you are.


Just like you, I was struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, OCD, relationships, and getting more hopeless & depressed as time went on.


I went in search of a solution by reading books, going to therapy, following online coaches/therapists, and purchasing online programs.

When I finally learned ERP and a few other techniques, I started to notice a difference, but I kept relapsing & the struggle continued.

Finally, I was able to learn WHY I kept going into the cycle of anxiety, self-doubt, and depression that was affecting my life and relationships!


I made it my mission to create The REAL Method and have seen so much success with it that I just knew I had to share it with others.


For years now...

I have not struggled with OCD, depression, relationship challenges, or self-esteem issues.  Anxiety is rare for me and shows up as an occasional "worry" that I know how to quiet down quickly... just like everyone else I know!

How to: Lifetime Recovery


The REAL Method!

The REAL Method shows you step by step EVERYTHING I did to eliminate fear, doubt, anxiety and OCD from my life for good!  The foundation of this method is based on Exposure & Response Prevention techniques, but additional information and tools have been added to help you GET TO and STAY IN the RECOVERY STAGE.  It's taught in my all of my programs and coaching packages, so YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO STRUGGLE!

Why I do it?

I know how HARD it is to find EFFECTIVE help that works long-term!

I sought help for years, getting the wrong help, then only marginal help while often spending over $200 per therapy session.

You don't have to struggle any longer, nor do you have to spend so much to do it!  Lifetime Recovery IS Possible, when you FINALLY get the right information, tools & support to get there!

Don't waste ANY MORE TIME & MONEY on something that's not really helping you make big strides!



Words from our friends

Lena Jorgensen

"To anyone considering to working with Danielle, do it!  I have worked with 4 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists and have not made the same progress as I have with Danielle and her programs!

Richard L.

"Danielle is an effective teacher because she's been through OCD herself. She knows the ins and outs of this condition better than anyone else I've ever met. I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with OCD."

Jane Gent

"I should have done it years ago. It's affordable (being on a low income) and it changes your life within a very short amount of time.  Do not think about it, just get in there and do it!  Danielle is brilliant!"

Let's get started!


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If you prefer working with Danielle or one of her coaches privately one on one, you can sign up for an Initial Session or a package of sessions at your convenience (and save!) to start your recovery journey today!


Just take one of our courses on OCD, ROCD or Supporting Your Loved One w/ OCD and get lifetime access.  Note: also check out the membership programs, which include access to certain courses plus additional tools!

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Fun facts


I got married February 2023 in Jamaica.


I started coaching in 2019 and it's been a such blessing to help people recover for a living!


We got pregnant via IVF in July 2023 and I'm due April 2024.


I have an amazing teenage stepdaughter & we have a cat named Sheba Rae:)


My life completely changed for the better (after decades of struggle) using the tools I teach in my programs.

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