Let's make a difference together!

Let's make a difference together!

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Keynote Speaking Topics

OCD: Lifetime Recovery Is Actually Possible



Learn why so many people are only getting marginal results when it comes to OCD recovery. I'll teach you where therapy falls short and how to reach the Lifetime Recovery Stage to stop OCD for good.

How Comfort Seeking Perpetuates Anxiety


Learn why staying in your comfort zone perpetuates anxiety and keeps you stuck.  Plus, 4 must do's to retrain the anxious brain to rebuild your nervous system out of the anxiety cycle!

Cultivate  Unstoppable Personal Confidence


Many people struggle with confidence in themselves, in life, relationships, or work.  I used to struggle with a lack of confidence and self-esteem.  Learn 3 EASY key steps to develop unstoppable confidence in yourself, in any area of life!


I'm Danielle

Certified Coach, Anxiety & OCD Specialist, Personally Recovered 

I have personally reached Lifetime Recovery from anxiety, OCD, depression and relational attachment issues.  The ability to say this about many of these issues is rare, as many don't get the proper education & tools to achieve this.

I teach others how I got here and have had immense success with everyone who uses the tools I teach - they've never NOT worked, when used properly and consistently.  

I'd love to collaborate on how to help others overcome these or other big life challenges!


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