Finally stop the struggle with anxiety & OCD...

Get to and stay in the Lifetime Recovery Stage

for any OCD subset! 

Effective recovery programs for any financial level, anywhere in the world!

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Finally stop the struggle with anxiety & OCD...

Get to and stay in the Lifetime Recovery Stage

for any OCD subset! 

Effective recovery programs for any financial level, anywhere in the world!

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Free of Fear & Doubt

What is OCD costing you in life?

When anxiety or OCD is present, you're spending most of the day in your head with worry and doubt.  You aren't really living, you're avoiding anything uncomfortable, and you're not reaching your life goals.

This pattern only gets worse over time, as life shrinks more over time without you even realizing it.

Life doesn't have to be this way! You CAN retrain your brain so that anxiety, OCD, doubt, & fear are a thing of the past.  I've done it and I see people do it every day!!

Here's what happens after

working with us in a recovery program...


You learn to regain control of your thoughts & feelings.  You'll learn how to respond differently so that the uncomfortable feelings easily fade, and the intrusive thoughts/doubts/fears stop coming more and more over time.


Learn how to rewire your brain FOR GOOD.  Start to feel and see people, yourself and life from a much more positive perspective!  No matter how long you've struggled, we'll teach you exactly how to do this!


This journey will give you or your loved one SO MUCH more CONFIDENCE in yourself!  You'll finally have all the tools you need to tackle not just anxiety & OCD, but any doubt, uncertainty or challenge that life throws at you.

The REAL Method for Lifetime Recovery!

My name is Danielle Jhiani and I used to struggle with anxiety, OCD (multiple subsets), relationship issues and depression.  I've overcome them all, so I know EXACTLY what you're going through!  I also know what it takes to end the cycle for good!

Since I became a coach in 2019 and developed The REAL Method, I've very successfully helped hundreds of people overcome these disorders and learn to stop the struggle FOR GOOD!  

The method that I teach has yet to fail, as it's worked for EVERYONE who uses it properly and consistently.  Make these mental & emotional health tools a way of life and anxiety, OCD and depression will be a thing of the past!

Choose your preferred method of learning and,

let's get started!


Our COST-EFFECTIVE membership programs give you course access, PLUS a plethora of resources such as group coaching calls, on demand recovery videos, discounted 1:1 sessions, and more!


If you prefer working with Danielle or one of her coaches privately one on one, you can sign up for an Initial Session or a package of sessions (and save) to start your recovery journey today!


Just take one of our courses on OCD, ROCD or Supporting Your Loved One w/ OCD and get lifetime access.  Note: also check out the membership programs, which include access to certain courses plus additional tools!


Hear what our past clients are saying...

"Danielle is so kind, supportive and professional in the process of recovery."

She was the first person which showed me all my compulsions (even the ones I haven’t thought of) and it works for all OCD subtypes.  I can finally do what I want in life without being afraid all the time from my intrusive thoughts.

Lenny S, The Path PREMIUM Member

"Absolutely worth the time and money! Completely life changing!"

Danielle gave me simple, but very effective tools for combating my anxiety and retraining my brain's fear response. I could barely function through normal daily tasks prior to working with Danielle. Now I almost never have anxiety or compulsions. Do the work and I believe you'll see significant changes for the better.

Dixie C, Coaching Client

"To anyone considering to work with Danielle I would say “Do it! Do it! Do it!"

I have been working with 4 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists for more than 3 years and I have not made the same progress with any of them as I have with Danielle and her programs in less than 3 months.

Lena Jorgensen, The Path PLUS Member

"Do not think about it, just get in there and do it!  I should have done it years ago."

I love the fact that there are many types of help each week [in the membership program], it's not just a once a week session, which has helped a lot. Definitely, if you are considering it, it changes your life within a very short amount of time!

Jane Gent, The Path Member

What is it like to live... 

life without OCD?

As soon as you start using the tools in this program, you're going to start seeing results and feeling relief. As you go through the sessions or program, you'll learn even more to help you work through any roadblocks and get MORE consistent & permanent results.  I've never had anyone say that they're following all the steps we suggest and it's not working.  When you follow The REAL Method & make this work a "way of life," anxiety and OCD will be a thing of the past!

What is the Lifetime Recovery Stage?

You're in the Recovery Stage and not experiencing symptoms of OCD when you've learned how to no longer engage with your obsessions and you're not doing compulsions.

The Lifetime Recovery Stage happens when you have the right mindset, the awareness of how your brain/OCD works, and you know how to KEEP yourself in the recovery stage!

The REAL Method will teach you how to GET TO and how to STAY IN the Lifetime Recovery Stage!

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