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Does anxiety, avoidance or OCD hold you back from an amazing life & easy, enjoyable relationships?


You'd be shocked at how common this is, whether it's low-level discomfort that causes you to avoid committing to a relationship, anxiety that shows up strong in and out of relationships, or OCD intrusive thoughts about any subject imaginable (but usually something important or shameful to you)  that overtake your mind and your life.  I've overcome all of this and YOU can learn to easily make decisions, be confident in yourself, and love others & your life!!!

Hi there,


I have fully recovered from anxiety, insecure attachment (anxious and avoidant) & multiple OCD subsets.  I teach others how to get there too!

I suffered from anxiety, depression, and finally learned my insecure attachment & anxiety had morphed into relationship OCD (with other subsets) in my late 30's.

After 6 months of suffering & trying talk therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and many other modalities, I finally found ERP got about 80% better!

I started coaching others after learning that only 1% of therapists in the U.S. are properly trained to recognize & treat OCD.  Interestingly, my anxious & avoidant attachment style also drastically changed with the techniques I learned!

Soon after I started coaching others, I learned 2 VERY important things that got me to 100% recovery.  My life and my relationships were finally happy, stable & healthy!

I took everything I'd learned & created courses, cost-effective membership programs, and coaching packages for all levels (more to come!).  The results have been amazing!  I've coached celebrities, musicians, and even several untrained therapists.

I've never seen my methods NOT work. They'll work for YOU too if you're willing to:

  1.  Invest in yourself
  2.  Be patient with the process (it takes time to retrain your brain)
  3.  Stick with the program & apply the tools consistently

know you'll get to Lifetime Recovery for your anxiety, OCD or attachment issues & experience the love and joy you want in your life!

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Jane Gent

"I'm in The Path PLUS because it's affordable (being on a low income) and I love the fact that there are many types of help each week, it's not just a once a week session, which has helped a lot.  I think the live video sessions with you and Jamara are great because you can learn continuously and I think that's really important when you're learning ERP.  You need to keep it fresh in your head so that's been really helpful. 

After having waited for about 3-4 years doing talk therapy instead of doing ERP with Danielle or someone else on her team, I would say, really, do not think about it, just get in there and do it!  I should have done it years ago. Definitely, if you are considering it, it changes your life within a very short amount of time. 

I was terrified and you learn how to quiet down your head and you learn not to have those thoughts.  Danielle is brilliant!  It's actually fairly straight forward, but you need those tools, so definitely go ahead and set up a 1:1 or The Path PLUS group with Danielle...go for it!

Lena Jorgensen


To anyone considering to work with Danielle I would say “Do it! Do it! Do it!”  Trust her (and all of us who recommend her)!  I have been working with 4 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists for more than 3 years and I have not made the same progress with any of them as I have with Danielle and her programs in less than 3 months. I’m still on my path to recovery, but I’m sure that this is the right way to go and my anxiety has already dropped from a 10 to a 2 or 3. I’m really grateful that I found Danielle and had the courage to join her and “The Path” :)  


Lenny S.

"First I have to say that Danielle is so kind, supportive and professional in the process of recovery. I’m not a U.S. citizen and my native language isn’t English, I found that Danielle has a lot of patience and a BIG will to help. Generally, my symptoms were ruminating, checking, and seeking reassurance. 

I had different subtypes of OCD that made me feel distress so I had to have something that will work for all of them. Danielle taught me ERP in the first coaching session, it was very clear (she was the first person which showed me all my compulsions, even the ones I haven’t thought of) and it works for all OCD subtypes.  The OCD cycle suddenly starts to be in much more control.

Now I know how to work with my OCD so it won’t bother me anymore, I use ERP and what Danielle taught me and it works. I feel much less distress and I can finally do what I want in life without being afraid all the time from my intrusive thoughts."

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