Learn to live FREE of OCD for LIFE!!!

The REAL Method for Lifetime OCD Recovery was developed by Danielle Thornton-Jhiani.  This method has a foundation of ERP (see more on this below), but includes even more principles and tools needed to get to, and STAY IN, the recovery stage for any OCD subset for the rest of your life!  It worked for her, it works for her clients (see testimonials) and it will work for you too!

About OCD and Recovery


OCD is characterized by obsessions - consistent thoughts about a subject, often unwanted or distressing (intrusive) thoughts followed by compulsions, or behaviors used as coping mechanisms to gain comfort or certainty.  It is these compulsions that are the problem & cause the distressing symptoms one experiences with OCD.


OCD affects as many men as women & typically starts anywhere from childhood to early adulthood, but can start anytime.  OCD or intrusive (unwanted or distressing) thoughts can attach to ANY subject or situation, although there are some named OCD subsets (below). 


The best evidence-based treatment for OCD is exposure and response prevention (ERP) This is the treatment that, when done properly and consistently, can get you to the recovery stage where OCD symptoms disappear over time. 

Most people don't learn WHAT the recovery stage is and HOW to STAY there.  This is what The REAL Method teaches you to do - recovery from a wholistic standpoint, not just addressing your current obsessions!


Lifetime Recovery happens when you learn skills to stop engaging with OCD, but also change the pattern of discomfort followed by avoidance and other ineffective coping mechanisms like not knowing how to deal with discomfort (feelings, change, doubt & uncertainty) and fear (phobias, social anxiety, self-doubt, etc.). 


The skills taught in The REAL Method go above and beyond what OCD therapy teaches you so you can learn Lifetime Recovery, just like Danielle has!  Whether you choose a cost-effective membership program, or 1:1 coaching package, we'll be with you every step of the way!


I Want Lifetime Recovery!

Common OCD Subsets

Below are some common OCD subsets, but know that OCD can latch onto any thought or theme.  If your OCD theme isn't listed, just know that the treatment is the same.  We have confidentially worked with over 40 OCD themes and can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

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