Everything You Need to Know About OCD

What it is, why you struggle, how to get better, and HOW to reach the Lifetime Recovery Stage!

What is OCD?

OCD is characterized by obsessions - consistent, often unwanted or distressing (intrusive) thoughts which can be about ANY topic.  These thoughts cause far or distress, so the person then starts doing mental or behavioral "coping mechanisms," to get rid of the distress called compulsions trying to seek comfort or certainty. 

It is the compulsions that fuel more intrusive, fear-based thoughts or doubts because they are reinforcing the fear & OCD, teaching the brain that "yes, there is danger here" and "no, I can't handle this discomfort or uncertainty." 

Common topics of obsession include (but not limited to):

  • Health/Illness/Death
  • Relationships (Romantic or Otherwise)
  • Decisions/Mistakes/Events (Past/Future)
  • Feelings of "rightness"
  • Sexual Behavior/Orientation
  • Harming Self or Others
  • Morality/Religion/Spirituality
  • Existence/Reality
  • Symmetry/Order/Perfectionism
  • Bodily Sensations/Functions
  • And much more!

It's important to understand that this list is not all-inclusive, as OCD can attach to literally ANY thought, fear, feeling or subject you can think of (pets, objects, thoughts, etc.).

Who gets OCD & why?


OCD affects as many men as women & typically starts anywhere from childhood to early adulthood but can start anytime in life.  For many, OCD morphs from anxiety symptoms into stronger & more persistent compulsive behaviors due to a lack of healthy, effective coping mechanisms.  

It is currently thought that OCD may have a genetic component and/or is a learned behavior from a parent with anxiety or OCD.

Difficult life events play a part in strengthening a person's fear-response, but are not the "cause" for OCD.

Learn to live FREE of OCD for LIFE!!!

The REAL Method for Lifetime OCD Recovery was developed by Danielle Thornton-Jhiani after her personal recovery journey with OCD. ERP therapy was very helpful, and a crucial part of tackling anxiety & OCD, but it wasn't quite enough.  Luckily, Danielle learned how to quiet OCD permanently and has been helping others do the same since 2019!

The REAL Method has a foundation of ERP, but includes even more principles and tools needed to GET TO, and STAY IN, the recovery stage for any OCD subset for the rest of your life! 

Good OCD treatment can be expensive, and if you find a good practitioner, it can help, but too many people are continuing to relapse or struggle still with low-level anxiety & OCD. 


You Don't Have to Tolerate OCD for The Rest of Your Life!


Don't let anyone tell you that you're going to have to "live with" OCD for the rest of your life.  While doubt and uncertainty is part of the human experience, you CAN learn to experience this just like everyone else does, without anxiety, discomfort or compulsive urges.

Start Recovering Now!

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