$99.00 USD

Support Your Loved One w/ OCD Mini Course

A course for anyone who cares about someone with OCD and wants to...

What you'll learn:

  • What is OCD and why your loved one struggles with it.
  • How you better support your loved one through recovery.
  • How you can support yourself when times get hard.

Lifetime Recovery from OCD is possible!  I help people get there, just like I have!!!

What People Are Saying:

I just listened to your course on Support Your Loved One. Wow it was so good. I’m going to rewatch several times. I loved so many parts of it. I also loved that it’s okay to step back and take care of myself. I really believe 100% that your course should be a requirement LOL because it’s going to help everyone involved. There’s so much more to say but I’ll stop lol. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Denise R.

Thank you for the course. The thing I liked best about the course was the amount of information you provide. I wouldn't change anything about the course it was very enlightening!

Joseph L.

This course was very helpful to understanding what my partner is going through. I will use your language the next time he is obsessing about something and give him encouragement to continue the program!

Lisa L.

This course was very useful! It helped me better understand and have awareness of the anxiety and what to do to support my girlfriend.

Carlos M.