Do You Struggle with Anxiety or Avoidance w/o Compulsions?

Like ROCD insecure attachment also shows up as anxiety and avoidance in relationships (romantic or otherwise). The difference is that it lacks the constant compulsive responses.  Treatment is similar, but OCD does require specific treatment.  Watch this video to learn more!


Insecure Attachment or Relationship OCD?

Relationship OCD (ROCD) is a more severe anxiety disorder and consists of obsessions, followed by compulsions - done consistently (hourly or daily) to "get rid of the discomfort."  Treatment for ROCD and insecure attachment is very similar, and we do specialize in both ROCD & attachment.  Take this quiz to confirm which you're experiencing if you're unsure.

Initial Session with Danielle


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  • Determine if you have ROCD, attachment issues or both.
  • Get an EXACT plan to overcome either ROCD or attachment issues
  • Ask any questions you need to clarify HOW to OVERCOME what you're experiencing

Still Have Questions?


There is a lot of conflicting information out there, so it's ok if you find yourself confused and unsure of which direction to go. 

Danielle has overcome Relationship OCD & a Fearful Avoidant (Disorganized) attachment style, now happily married and Secure, and she can help YOU get there too!

As an Anxiety, OCD and Attachment Coach, working with someone as familiar with all of these is an extreme benefit, as many with attachment issues struggle longer than necessary due to the coping mechanism of avoiding & trying to get rid of discomfort in unhelpful ways that only makes your brain MORE anxious!

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